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Embassy German - The German Course for Diplomats

Course Participants
Embassy German is offered exclusively to diplomats and has a maximum of eight students per course: The small group and common background enable participants to engage in concentrated learning before or after their work hours.

Course Instructors
Courses are alternately taught by two instructors. This ensures that participants regularly experience various language styles as well as the differing gestures and facial expressions which accompany the communication process. This sharpens the students' listening comprehension and ability to adapt to conversing in German with various people.

Course Structure
Each course unit covers a theoretical and a practical part; the language of instruction is German only. Grammar rules and structures are trained by means of role play based on real-life career and social communication situations. The relevant cultural background and related behaviour patterns are incorporated into the teaching at all times.

Course Materials
The instructors provide the participants with materials specifically designed for this course by the IFS. The course fee covers the cost of all these materials.

Course Hours
The courses each cover 8 teaching units per week and are held either before or after the participants' work hours:

Monday to Friday from 7.45 – 9.00 or
Monday to Thursday from 18.00 – 19.30.

Classes missed as a result of business travel or other official duties can be made up free-of-charge. 

Course Starting Dates
The next course for beginners with no previous knowledge starts on: 18 March 2002 (we except new stundents up to 21 March 2002) and 13 May 2002.
New beginners' courses start several times a year; intermediate or advanced students can be integrated into running courses once their language level has been assessed.


Course Fee
8 weeks : 480 €


Can be made by fax, post or email:

IFS Berlin

Institut für Sprachvermittlung
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D-10785 Berlin

fon: 030 - 23 00 55 79
fax: 030 - 23 00 55 68
e-mail: info@embassy-german.de